August 19-23, 2019
Beijing Friendship Hotel, Beijing, China

Welcome to the 11th International Conference on Dense Z-Pinches (DZP2019). The DZP series concerns all aspects of z-pinch research, related plasma systems, diagnosis and modeling, and z-pinch drivers, and is the highlight of the z-pinch calendar. The meeting takes place every 3 or 2 years, and brings together researchers and students from around the world to discuss recent advances and future directions for the field.



Previous conferences have taken place in the US, Canada and Europe:

  • 1st DZP 1984 Alexandria, VA  John Sethian
  • 2nd DZP 1989 Laguna Beach, CA  Nino Pereira, Jack Davis, Norman Rostoker
  • 3rd DZP 1993 London, United Kingdom  Malcolm Haines, Andrew Knight
  • 4th DZP 1997 Vancouver, Canada  Nino Pereira, Jack Davis, Peter Pulsifer
  • 5th DZP 2002 Albuquerque, NM (joint with BEAMS)  Jack Davis, Christopher Deeney, Nino Pereira
  • 6th DZP 2005 Oxford, United Kingdom  Jeremy Chittenden
  • 7th DZP 2008  Alexandria, VA  David Hammer, Bruce Kusse
  • 8th DZP 2011 Biarritz, France  Herve Calamy
  • 9th DZP 2014 Napa, CA  Daniel Sinars, Simon Bott-Suzuki
  • 10th DZP 2017 Stateline, NV  Alla Safronova, John Giuliani